Fusion Linux status update

Fusion Linux 15 is out, but no official blog post has been made yet.

Why has it taken so long to release it?

First I lost a loooot of time trying to implement Blue Pill project into Fusion Linux. That would integrate Gnome 2 instead of Gnome 3. That didn’t work because Blue Pill project still had some Gnome 3 dependencies that they didn’t resolve.

In July I also joined one big international wifi project and that also consumes lots of my time. During August I was on a holiday and when I returned I was ready to ship Fusion 15 but then disaster struck – main distribution servers of Croatian Linux Users Group died :(

I hope to pick up the pace and keep on schedule with new Fedora releases.

I’ll keep working on this project for next few releases, but I don’t want to keep doing it alone. If more people join Fusion Linux project then it will grow.

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Fusion Linux 15.1 almost ready

This post is just a tease ;) Fusion Linux 15 will be released shortly so stay tuned.

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Ubuntu Hardware Driver Installer on Fusion Linux

Guys from Parsidora Fedora Remix have migrated Ubuntu Hardware Driver Installer to Fedora.

This is a really nice usability feature for users that are new to Linux desktop and have issue with open source drivers, like I heard a lot of nVidia users have with current nouveau drivers. I’m lucky and always get laptops with Intel video chips ;)

There is an easy way to test this out on Fedora and Fusion Linux just by following this guide.

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Fusion Linux going Mono free?

As you probably know Fusion Linux is a Fedora Remix that uses quite a few Mono based applications. We had requests in the past to remove all Mono based apps from Fusion Linux, but those were no constructive criticism and suggestions but just bunch of people shouting “We hate mono”.
Apps that were supposed to replace Mono based ones were non-existent or if they existed they were nowhere near the Mono based ones regarding quality and features. We didn’t see any point in removing apps and disabling features that our users want just because of some Mono haters are out there are shouting “We hate mono”, and they weren’t even using Fusion Linux!
If they were Fusion Linux users then we would listen to them and work together with moving away from Mono.
Biggest issue I have with Mono is the size of Mono library that needs to be installed as a dependency for any of the apps – Gnome-Do, Tomboy, F-Spot, Beagle or Banshee. So there is no point if you replace 4 out of 5 because you still have Mono library installed.
The good news is that I might have found replacement for the last Mono based app that I didn’t find before – Gnome-Do.
Today I have discovered Synapse written by Michal Hruby written in Vala. I’ll be testing Synapse to see how it works, if you have used both Gnome-Do and Synapse please share your feedback on both.
Here is the list of alternatives that I have found so far, please post any other in the comments if you know:
Tomboy – GNote
Gnome-Do – Synapse
Banshee – Rhythmbox
Beagle – Tracker
F-Spot – Shotwell
Also please post in the comments if you agree or disagree with the move away from Mono, also write in the comments if you are Fusion, Fedora, Ubuntu or user of any other distro.

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Fusion Linux donation drive

Hi everyone. As you probably know Fusion Linux 14.1 has been released. All releases so far have been released from my personal laptop. As I can’t share my laptop with others we would like to buy second-hand server and have it used for Fusion Linux project. Other costs include our domain and wordpress.com hosting. We need your help in order for Fusion Linux to continue with new releases and to improve.
So if you can please donate via Paypal or Flattr.
Thank you.

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Fusion Linux 14.1 is out

Fusion Linux 14.1 “Thorium” is officially out.
This release has been in the making for few months, and it is mostly an update to out initial release. Biggest new feature is LibreOffice instead of OpenOffice and two biggest bugs squashed. One bug prevented Firefox 4.0 from starting while using it as LiveUSB or LiveDVD and other bug was a dependency issue that prevented updates from being downloaded. We hoped with this release to make all desktop components more stable and put an overall desktop polish.
We hope that you will like this release as much as we enjoyed making it.
Here are full release notes for Fusion Linux 14.1:
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Tweetdeck like Twitter client for your Fedora 14 desktop

Twitter is badly broken on Fedora 14 either because most twitter clients (like pino, qwit and mitter) don’t work with oauth bazed twitter authorization or crash and cause memory leaks (like gwibber). Chokoq usually works fine but it just has too KDE centric look and feel for my taste. I have heard from lots of Fedora users in our local LUG and on the forums that they are in same boat as I and stopped using Twitter on their Fedora desktop because of that.

Don’t fret, Turpial comes to the rescue. Turpial is twitter client like Tweetdeck for Linux. Turpial is written in Python and aims to be an application with low consumption of resources and integrates into user’s desktop without sacrificing any functionality.

Turpial is awailable via fedora-updates-testing repo so to install it follow these steps:
1. open terminal window
2. become root: su -
3. install turpial: yum install turpial --enablerepo=updates-testing

It is needles to say that Fusion Linux in next release will have Turpial enabled by default.

Check out some other cool articles on our Fusion Linux Blog and don’t miss Fusion Linux Forums.

If you haven’t heard yet Fusion Linux is most popular Fedora Remix.

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